Carson City has been working with the Carson Water Subconservancy District (CWSD) and FEMA to more accurately define flood hazards in the area. Hydrologic and hydraulic studies have been completed throughout the Carson City urban area using FEMA grants and City funds. This study is a continuation of these efforts and will build on previous studies in the project area wherever possible.

The goals for this project will be to identify mitigation solutions for areas impacted by flood flows along Kings Canyon Creek and Ash Canyon Creek. More specifically, Carson City would like to investigate the feasibility of a storm water basin immediately upstream of Longview Way. In addition, this project will evaluate the existing conditions and capacities of the Kings Canyon Creek and Ash Canyon Creek drainage infrastructure through the downtown area of Carson City to outfalls just upstream of Hwy 50. Finally, conceptual mitigation solutions may be developed for the urban areas downstream of Longview Way. The scope of work for the study/plan would incorporate the follow tasks:


Data Collection - collect documented and anecdotal flooding data from residents and other stakeholders


Existing Conditions Flood Hazard Analyses – using mathematical models and historic rainfall data, determine the potential extents of flooding in the West Carson City area


Proposed Conditions Flood Hazard Analyses – evaluate the benefits of proposed infrastructure on flooding potential


Public Input – Solicit feedback from affected residents on flood hazards and potential solutions


Design Concept Report/Plan – House the results of the project in a report to use for future funding opportunities or infrastructure projects